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<!-- Here we are calling the LPK file.  This LPK file
was created using the same method explained in the article-->

<object CLASSID="clsid:5220cb21-c88d-11cf-b347-00aa00a28331"
   <param NAME="LPKPath" VALUE="mschart5.lpk">

<-- Here is where we are actually "instantiating" the
ActiveX control.  I downloaded the file mschart5.cab from
Microsoft's website.  It has been digitally signed. -->


<script LANGUAGE="Vbscript">
'Now, let's set the chart properties...!!!

'This sets the chart to a line graph...
MSChart1.ChartType = 3

'Set the color and width of the line
' This sets the pen color to black (0,0,0)
' and width to 50 pixels.
MSChart1.Plot.SeriesCollection(1).Pen.VtColor.Set 0,0,0
MSChart1.Plot.SeriesCollection(1).Pen.Width = 50

'This sets the chart's labels to various formats,
' fonts, and sizes.
For i = 1 To MSChart1.Plot.Axis(1).Labels.Count
   'Format the Chart labels to Currency
   MSChart1.Plot.Axis(1).Labels(i).Format = "$0,###"
   'Set the font to Tahoma
   MSChart1.Plot.Axis(1).Labels(i).VtFont.Name = "Tahoma"
   'Set the font size to 10pt
   MSChart1.Plot.Axis(1).Labels(i).VtFont.Size = 10

'This sets the # of rows in the chart
MSChart1.RowCount = 5;

'This sets the number of columns per row.
MSChart1.ColumnCount = 2

'This indicates to show the label
MSChart1.ShowLegend = True

for x = 1 to 5  'The number of rows we have
    'This sets what current row we are editing
    MSChart1.Row = x
      'This sets the row's label
    MSChart1.RowLabel = "Row " & x

    'This plots the points for both columns (1 and 2)
    'for the current row (x).  The value being
    'plotted is x*5 and x*10    
    call MSChart1.DataGrid.SetData(x, 1, x*5,nullFlag)
    call MSChart1.DataGrid.SetData(x, 2, x*10,nullFlag)



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